Are Root Canals for Kids Safe?

Are Root Canals for Kids Safe?

April 1, 2022

Root canal treatment can be a part of pediatric dentistry too. With time, the teeth tend to lose their natural shape and vitality. Certain periodontal infections or dental trauma might lead to the need for root canal treatment. Root canal treatment can be necessary for children too and this treatment might spark anxiety among parents as they do not want their children to endure the pain and invasive treatment.

What is Pediatric Root Canal?

The term “root canal” might frighten patients irrespective of their age. But the modern dentistry has evolved dramatically and modern-day root canal treatment is done is in a more delicate manner. Root canal for children is a surgical treatment that removes the impacted and dead pulp from the underneath of the teeth to eliminate further chances of infection or teeth loss. The ultimate goal of a pediatric root canal treatment is the same as that of an adult root canal treatment, but the approach and procedure vary for a pediatric patient.

Often the child’s teeth might be impacted adversely so teeth extraction can be the only way to protect the gum and adjacent teeth. The pediatric dentist might suggest opting for root canal treatment for your child. The pulp is the delicate tissue-like structure that houses a minute network of blood vessels and nerves.

The pediatric dentist starts with using a numbing agent on the site of operation to reduce anxiety and pain. The underlying nerves or the blood capillaries might get inflamed or irritated due to infections. These nerves are removed and the hollow cavity is cleaned and disinfected before using dental sealants to seal the cavity. The absence of the nerve would not affect the health and functionality of the teeth. Apart from the sensation of hot and cold food and beverages, the nerves underneath the teeth have limited functionality.

The pediatric dentist in Greeley takes an x-ray and 3D images of the oral cavity to have a clear view of the underlying conditions. To keep the site o0f operation dry from saliva, the pediatric dentist can place a rubber dam around the teeth to keep saliva at bay.

The next step is to drill into the infected teeth and remove the decayed teeth, pulp, and bacteria debris. The cavity is cleaned thoroughly using a series of root canal files. The hollow cavity is also scrubbed and scraped before disinfecting to eliminate the further chance of infection.

Once the teeth are cleaned thoroughly, the cavity is dried and sealed off with dental sealants. Some dentists providing kids root canal treatment may choose to wait for a week before sealing the cavity. A temporary filling can be placed in the meantime.

Why Your Child Might Need a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a relatively non-invasive restorative process that does not involve much pain and anxiety. Many parents are of the notion that losing a temporary tooth or two is not a big deal as they would be replaced by permanent ones.

Several complications or infections can cause premature loss of temporary teeth and can cause permanent damage to the gums and underlying blood capillaries. The infection might spread to other body parts if not treated timely.

Some of the other problems of premature loss of temporary teeth are:

  • Slurred speech
  • Overlapping or misaligned adjacent teeth
  • Improper alignment of permanent teeth due to misalignment of the jaws
  • Unable to chew or eat food properly.

A root canal treatment can save your child’s premature loss of temporary teeth and avoid future complications. You cannot ignore the fact that missing teeth can dent your child’s confidence to a great extent. Root canal treatment can save temporary teeth from premature loss and secure the health of permanent teeth.

Is it Safe for Kids?

The necessity of root canal treatment for a kid cannot be understood in a blanket manner. The age, site of occurrence, and the extent of infection can make difference in the decision. Pediatric dentists undertake all steps to ensure that the child does not experience pain and discomfort.

Root canal treatment is safe and the recovery time is very less. Teeth are an integral part of your child and adapting steps to keep them safe and healthy is important. If you are looking for pediatric endodontic treatment, you may book an appointment with Toothtown of Greeley and experience a kid-friendly environment and sedation dentistry.

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