Do Children Need Dental Fillings?

Do Children Need Dental Fillings?

February 1, 2023

Dental fillings are restorative appliances used to cover holes caused by tooth cavities. But are these dental appliances suitable for kids? This question arises as tooth fillings are ideal for permanent teeth, but can they be effective for baby teeth? Kids love taking lots of foods, especially sweet foods and drinks. These sweet foods can be harmful to your baby’s teeth as they can lead to cavities. This is where the Greeley pediatric dentist will recommend dental fillings. Keep on reading to understand the importance of tooth fillings for your kid.

Do Filings in Baby Teeth Prevent Issues in Permanent Teeth?

There are instances where getting a tooth filling will be a waste of money as the baby teeth will eventually come out in readiness for permanent teeth. Nevertheless, there are instances where taking your kid to get a tooth filling is essential. So, what are the problems that cavities can cause if left untreated?

Hinder Healthy Eating

Untreated cavities cause lots of pain in your child’s teeth. Toothache can hinder your child from eating well as they’re afraid of the pain caused by chewing. Gradually, failure to eat well can affect your child’s overall nutrition. Therefore, it is essential to take your child to the pediatric dentist so that they can treat the cavity.

Spread Infections to Healthy Teeth

Bacteria, sugary foods and drinks and poor oral hygiene lead to cavity development. Cavities can cause permanent damage to your child’s teeth. On top of that, the infection will spread to other healthy teeth when left untreated. You can prevent this by taking your child to a pediatric dentist so that they can treat the cavities and apply tooth fillings on the pits.

Self-Confidence And Appearance

Have you ever seen an eroded tooth? Does it look attractive? Imagine your child having an eroded tooth. A cavity can lead to your child’s tooth becoming discoloured. In addition, a cavity can lead to tooth loss. When this is the case, your child may struggle to smile and socialize with other kids due to the missing gap as they can be ridiculed. So why not take your child to Toothtown of Greeley for cavity treatment?

Why Are Dental Fillings Essential for Baby Teeth?

When you take your kid for a routine dental checkup, the dentist checks for any signs of tooth decay and cavity. If the pediatric dentist in Greeley, CO, finds holes in your child’s tooth, he will recommend tooth fillings. Here are reasons why the dentist recommends fillings:

To Prevent Tooth Decay from Spreading To Permanent Teeth

Permanent teeth sit below the gum line and will come out after some time. So, failure to take your kid to the general pediatric dentist near you, any decay can spread below the gumline to the permanent teeth. Your kid might develop damaged permanent teeth due to tooth decay. Therefore, the dentist can recommend fillings for your child before the decay can spread to permanent teeth.

Speech and Chewing

Tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. Because they are baby teeth, some parents do not mind having the dentist extract these teeth as permanent teeth will grow. However, your child might struggle to speak and chewwell when missing a tooth. This is the reason why the dentist might recommend a tooth filling. When a tooth filling is placed, it removes the need for having the dentist extract the decayed tooth.

Cavities Can Cause Pain

When a tooth cavity is left untreated, it spreads deep into the sensitive part of the tooth. The decay can cause immense pain, and you might notice your child complaining about a toothache. So, you don’t have to wait until your child complains about toothache; instead, take your child to the pediatric dentist near you for a regular dental checkup. The dentist will recommend a tooth filling to prevent the spread of decay that can cause pain.

Prevent Shifting of Teeth

Untreated tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. When there’s a missing gap between teeth, the remaining teeth can shift, blocking the gap. However, the permanent tooth beneath the gum line needs a space to sprout. So, when you take your kid to the pediatric dentist near you, they might recommend covering the cavity in the affected tooth to prevent tooth loss that can lead to shifting of teeth.

Signs That Your Kid Needs Dental Fillings

  • Your kid complains of toothache and sensitivity.
  • Noticeable holes in your child’s tooth.
  • Pain when your kid chews.
  • White, black or brown stains on your kid’s tooth.

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