Fluoride Treatments in Greeley, CO: Things Every Parent Should Know

Fluoride Treatments in Greeley, CO: Things Every Parent Should Know

August 1, 2023

Fluoride is a preventative treatment that shields tooth enamel in kids and adults. For children, getting sufficient fluoride is crucial to ensure proper tooth development and ensure teeth stay longer. The pediatric dentists near you advise kids to get 2 to 4 fluoride treatments annually. It mainly depends on how prone their teeth are to developing cavities and their overall dental health.

Things to Know About Fluoride Treatment for Children

Taking appropriate care of your kid’s teeth from a young age is pivotal to ensuring optimal dental health. One study found that adults and kids that got fluoride treatment for nearly one year were 43% less likely to experience decay.

As a parent, it is also essential to get familiar with the following:

What is a Fluoride Treatment? How Does the Process Work?

A fluoride treatment is a procedure where the local kids dentist coats the teeth using a topical fluoride. The fluoride can be in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam. Most dental offices use varnish on the teeth after cleaning. Its application is usually quick and fully painless. Varnish is also suitable for young children because when it gets in touch with saliva, the varnish gets hard.

What to Do if the Kid Swallows Fluoride?

When kids start learning to brush their teeth, they are more likely to swallow tiny bits of fluoride. Remember, children that swallow such toothpaste consistently over an extended period are more prone to mild fluorosis. It’s a condition that results in white lines on teeth.

But swallowing topical fluoride after the treatment from the dentist is not a matter of concern. The fluoride usually sticks to the teeth and wears off gradually while brushing teeth.

Is Fluoride Safe for Children?

Fluoride is 100% secure for kids when taken in the correct dosage. Even the WHO and ADA have endorsed it. Moreover, individuals in the USA have been getting advantage of fluoridated water to ensure they receive enough fluoride.

When Can My Child Eat or Drink After the Treatment?

After fluoride varnish, the pediatric dentist in Greeley CO recommends waiting for nearly 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything.

What Are the Advantages of Fluoride Varnish?

It offers numerous dental health benefits, including:

  • It shields healthy tooth enamel.
  • It helps to build stronger teeth.
  • It minimizes tooth decay and its severity.
  • It restores phosphorus, calcium, and other vital minerals to your teeth.
  • It minimizes or delays the need for costly dental treatment in the future.

At What Age Should a Child Get Fluoride Treatment?

As per AAP, kids must receive professional fluoride treatment at the dental office when their first tooth develops. It is usually around six months.

How to Care for the Dental Health of My Kid?

Although fluoride treatment can reduce or prevent the risk of decay, parents can stick to the following tips to maintain dental health.

  • Use fluoride-based products.
  • See the pediatrician’s office regularly.
  • Show your little one the importance of proper dental hygiene with examples.
  • Clean the mouth after every meal.

What Are the Side Effects of Fluoride?

For professional fluoride treatment, the pediatrician uses just a tiny amount of fluoride. High amounts could lead to streaks or white spots in the tooth enamel. This condition is known as dental fluorosis. To combat discoloration of your teeth, speak to the dentist at Tooth Town of Greeley today. Most Fluorosis cases are mild. You can continue the fluoride treatment till your kid turns 18.

If a kid swallows fluoride through toothpaste, it increases the risk of numerous neurological issues and other complications. As per one CDC study, more than one-third of kids use too much toothpaste on their brushes. Usually, the dentist recommends using toothpaste similar to the size of a rice grain.

Can Fluoride Varnish Work If My Kid Has Sensitive Tooth?

ADA-approves fluoride varnish for those with tooth sensitivity. It is a condition when the dentinal tubules get exposed to pressure, temperature, and other external stimuli. Usually, when the pediatric dentist uses a fluoride varnish, it creates a calcium chloride layer on the teeth, which hinders the exposed tubules.

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