How to Act if Your Kid Has a Dental Emergency?

How to Act if Your Kid Has a Dental Emergency?

November 1, 2021

Once in a while, children get into situations that require urgent intervention. A dental emergency is one normal situation, especially with regards to children. It thus requires great urgency for the kid’s overall health. A dental emergency is whichever dental problem necessitates immediate attention by the dentist. Firstly, ascertain the type of dental emergency at hand.

Once you determine the severity of the emergency, offer home remedies, then visit the dentist within the shortest time possible. At Toothtown of Greeley, you do not require an appointment for a dental emergency. Greeley pediatric dentist has vast experience in kids’ dentistry ranging from infants to adolescents.

Forms of Dental Emergencies and How to Act


It’s one of the most popular dental emergencies in children. It is in most cases caused by tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene. It may also be a result of trauma or eruption of the wisdom teeth. In case it occurs, dislodge the particles with a toothbrush or dental floss.

You can also instruct your kid to swish warm water around the affected region in the mouth.

Should the pain persist, visit a dentist near you promptly. Kids emergency dentistry Greeley offers quality service, including tooth extraction if the affected tooth is severely damaged beyond repair.

Broken or chipped tooth

Since the tooth crown is the largest visible part of the teeth, it often suffers trauma. You should identify the type of crown rapture first. If the pulp is exposed, a quick trip to an emergency dentist is necessary.

A pediatric emergency dentist assesses the fracture via advanced technology such as x-rays. Minor fractures are sealed with a dental sealant, while major fractures require pulp treatment. While at home, you can gaggle cold, warm water in the mouth.

Knocked-out teeth

Your child may get knocked out teeth due to many activities such as playing sports, fighting, or falling. If the affected tooth is not milk teeth, the dentist does not reimplant. When at home, only pick the crown and rinse it with running water in case of a knocked-out tooth.

If possible, pick the tooth with clean hands and place it back in its place. For older children, you can reinsert the knocked-out teeth. The dentist, on the other hand, only repairs permanent teeth for kids. When the tooth is knocked out, please insert it into a glass of milk and visit the dentist.

Lost fillings

If your child already has tooth cavities covered with fillings, the fillings may become loose. In some cases, the fillings are entirely dislodged from the tooth. In such instances, prompt dental attention is required to replace the fillings.

Bitten lip or tongue

Clean the section gently with water and apply a cold press. After the basic first aid, visit your emergency dentist for advanced care. However, older children do not have to visit the emergency room for a bitten tongue or lip.

Broken jaw

If your youngster has a broken jaw, apply a gentle cold press to minimize the swelling and alleviate pain. Visit your child’s emergency dentist


When your child requires emergency dental attention, there are some safety tips to follow before you can reach the dentist. If the child is bleeding, rinse the mouth with warm water, apply firm pressure with a cloth. If the bleeding does not stop in 15 minutes, visit a hospital near you with a kids’ emergency dentist. In case of toothache, apply a cold press to the affected region

How to Prevent Kids Dental Emergencies

  • Look after your kid when they are playing, particularly on-field events. Also, ensure they do not play around with objects in their mouths.
  • Show them how to open containers with appliances such as scissors to prevent them from opening items with their mouth.
  • Use gates to safeguard stairways
  • Ensure your child wears mouthguards when playing sports.


Dental emergencies for children are almost unavoidable. You can, however, minimize the frequency of their occurrence by observing some basic dental and home principles. If you and your child visit the dentist for a regular check-up at least once each six months, you will have strong, healthy teeth as well as your kid.

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