What To Do When Your Kid's Tooth is Knocked Teeth?

What To Do When Your Kid's Tooth is Knocked Teeth?

October 1, 2022

What Causes the Teeth to Get Knocked Out?

Sports and accidents most often cause knocked-out teeth. Teeth are vulnerable because they are close to the gum line, so they’re more likely to get knocked out.

The root (the part attached directly to your jaw) supports all of our teeth; when one gets knocked loose, this foundation shifts slightly away from its socket. This causes pain, swelling, and soreness and can lead to severe damage or tooth removal.

What Can You Do After Teeth Are Knocked Out?

Visiting an emergency dentist within an hour after the accident occurs is crucial as it increases the chances of saving the teeth. However, several things can save the tooth and avoid complications:

  • Try reinserting the tooth, and avoid touching the root area.

  • After the permanent teeth are knocked out, what you do will determine if the teeth can be saved. Try to reinsert the teeth in the socket but avoid touching the roots.

    If your child’s primary tooth has been knocked out, don’t reinsert it. Don’t put the primary teeth back in their mouth! Reinserting the baby teeth may damage the gums and cause crooked teeth. But, it is crucial to carry it with you when you visit the dentist for an assessment.

  • Gently rinse off any debris.

  • You can use a saline solution or an oral irrigator to rinse away debris. Also, do not brush your teeth because doing so could cause more damage than good—the pressure from brushing may even push the root back into place if it isn’t fully broken off yet.

  • Carry the tooth to the dentist

  • If you can’t reinsert the tooth, put the tooth in a milk solution and take your child to your dentist immediately. Avoid wrapping your teeth with a tissue or cloth, as this can dry the tooth.

Your dentist may need to remove any damaged tissue or bone so they can examine it more closely and see if there’s any way they can save it by drilling through additional areas of bone that weren’t affected by loosening up during extraction. Your dentist may save the tooth if treatment is started early.

What are the Treatment Options for Knocked Out Teeth?

There are a few different options for treating a knocked-out tooth, depending on the severity of the injury. If the tooth is partially avulsed, it can be gently pushed back into place and held with a piece of gauze. It is crucial not to pull the tooth because this can damage the roots and make it hard for the dentist to save it.

However, if the tooth is completely out of the socket, the dentist may reinsert it. However, if they lose permanent teeth, other treatments like bridges and implant procedures can be an option if they are eligible.

The dentist may also opt for space maintainers if the primary teeth have been knocked out. Missing primary teeth can lead to orthodontic problems, and the space maintainers help to prevent crowding or malocclusion.

How Can You Prevent the Teeth from Getting Knocked Out?

If your child’s teeth get knocked out, there are several things you can do to prevent it from happening again. Ensure your child wears a mouthguard when playing contact sports and that the mouthguard is properly fitted. Also, make sure they wear helmets when riding bicycles or skateboards so that they don’t get hit in the face by hitting their head on something hard like a chain ring or handlebar.

Additionally, the children play safely in an environment with no risk of injury related to falls from heights greater than five feet below ground level, such as playground equipment set up at home parks.

Also, practice regular brushing and flossing, especially after eating, to prevent the plaques from building up and causing cavities.

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