What to Expect In Your Child's Tooth Filling?

What to Expect In Your Child's Tooth Filling?

June 1, 2022

According to WHO, 60 – 90% of school-age children experience cavities. Poor dental hygiene and regular snacking are key factors to blame for cavities among children. Even if your child brushes and flosses their teeth daily, they regularly snack on sugary and fast food items like sweets, candy, soda, and fries, increasing their risk of cavities and gum disease.

Over time, untreated tooth cavities can lead to tooth decay, loose teeth, tooth loss, gum infection, and jawbone damage. Fortunately, your child’s dentist can repair your child’s cavities and restore the health of their teeth and mouth. If your child has been scheduled for a filling procedure, you might be curious about what to expect.

While the idea of your child getting a dental filling might be frightening, you shouldn’t stress about it as the procedure is typically easy, quick, and straightforward. The pediatric dentist will alleviate any anxieties and pain for your child to make the procedure as smooth as possible.

Type of Dental Fillings

When planning for a dental filling for your child, you’ll have to choose a filling material. Generally, a dental filling can be made from a variety of materials, including silver amalgam, composite resin, porcelain, glass ionomer, and gold.

The ideal type of filling for your child will depend on your budget, preferences, location of the tooth, and dentist’s recommendations. If a filling is needed on a front tooth, esthetically appealing options like composite resin and porcelain fillings are ideal.

Dental Filling Procedure

When going for the filling procedure, dress your child in loose-fitting clothes to keep them comfortable. Once you get to the office, the dentist will examine your child’s teeth to confirm the severity of their condition. If the damage is too large to repair with a filling, the dentist might recommend alternative treatments like dental crowns or tooth extraction.

To place the filling, the dentist will begin by administering numbing medications to keep your child calm and pain-free throughout the procedure. Next, they will drill through the tooth and remove all the infected or decayed tissues. The tooth is then cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to prevent re-infection.

Next, the dentist will place the filling material to fill the spaces left after cleaning the tooth. The filling material is hardened using a special light or laser. Lastly, the dentist will reshape the tooth to give it a natural appearance. Contact our pediatric dentist in Greeley for dental filling treatments near you.

After placing the filling, the dentist might take a few minutes to educate you and your child on how to maintain good oral health and prevent cavities and other oral issues. The dentist might also recommend preventive measures like dental sealants and fluoride treatment to reduce the chance of your child needing more fillings in the future.

Dental Fillings Aftercare

After the filling procedure, your child can experience side effects like minor pain, swelling, and sensitivity. Fortunately, these issues should fade away within a few days. To facilitate faster recovery and ensure the filling stays healthy, the dentist will give you a few aftercare instructions: These can include:

  • Ensure your child takes the prescribed medication to manage pain and other side effects
  • Don’t allow your child to eat while their mouth is still numb to prevent hurting their tongue or cheeks.
  • Place an ice pack on their outer cheek to manage pain or discomfort
  • Discourage the child from touching the filling. Doing this can cause the filling to loosen or dislodge.
  • Give your child soft food like eggs, mashed potatoes, soups, yogurt, and vegetables for the next few days. The child should avoid hot, sugary, cold, spicy, and acidic food items as they can increase sensitivity and discomfort.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments with your dentist
  • Take your child to a kid’s dental clinic near you if they experience severe or persistent symptoms after the filling procedure.
  • Ensure your child brush their teeth twice daily and floss daily.
  • Schedule regular professional checkups and cleanings

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