Kids Thumb-Sucking Appliances in Greeley, CO

Kids Thumb-Sucking Appliances in Greeley, CO

Many children find thumb-sucking pleasurable, so much so that they may do it into their late toddler, early childhood years. At times when older children or teens suck their thumbs, it’s when they’re asleep, so they may not be aware of the habit. Our kids friendly dentists at ToothTown of Greeley can help break this habit with thumb-sucking appliances.

Types of Anti-Thumb-Sucking Devices

When you address your child’s thumb-sucking habit with one of our child friendly dentists in Greeley, CO, they may recommend thumb-sucking appliances to help break the habit. There are several appliances they can choose from that are either removable or fixed. The two most common devices are the:

  • Hay Rake
  • Thumb Crib

Hay Rake

Many dentists consider this habit-breaking appliance a last resort. It’s a fixed appliance that goes behind the upper front teeth and dissuades thumb-sucking because it has spikes and prongs that poke and irritate the flesh of the thumb or finger. It uses pain to deter sucking their thumb or finger.

Thumb Crib

The thumb crib, also known as a palatal crib, is an anti-thumb sucking appliance that blocks the thumb from reaching the roof of the mouth or palate. This appliance consists of bars or a cage that goes behind the upper front teeth. It keeps the thumb from touching the roof of the mouth, preventing the pleasure of thumb-sucking.

What Happens if Thumb-Sucking Doesn’t Stop?

Thumb-sucking can have a detrimental effect on the teeth and jaw structures. When children suck their thumbs, some tend to pull on the upper gums, just behind the front teeth. The pulling can cause the front teeth to protrude because the jaw becomes deformed from the pressure of the thumb pulling at it. If this happens, your child will need braces, perhaps surgery, to correct the protrusion.

If you have a child that won’t stop sucking their thumb, book a consultation with our pediatric dentist near you at ToothTown of Greeley to discuss thumb-sucking appliances in Greeley, CO.

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