Kids Tooth Fillings in Greeley, CO

Kids Tooth Fillings in Greeley, CO

ToothTown of Greeley welcomes young patients with chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth to get their tooth fillings at our child-friendly dental office. A tooth filling is a simple restoration that repairs the appearance and function of a damaged tooth.

Many years ago, patients with cavities were limited to silver fillings. While these are strong and durable, they also contain mercury and don’t score impressively on aesthetics. However, thanks to dental advancements, young patients requiring tooth fillings in Greeley, CO, now have the option of tooth-colored composite fillings.

How Are Composite Fillings Done?

Composite fillings near you blend in well with your natural smile. Our dentists select the composite material to match the natural shade of your smile.

The steps involved in repairing a damaged or decayed tooth with composite fillings are as follows:

  • Our child friendly dentist in Greeley, CO, start by making sure that your child is comfortable. If your child experiences dental anxiety, we have custom-tailored accommodations in place to ensure a relaxed experience. Please let our dentists know if you’d like to discuss sedation options for your child.
  • Next, the dentist numbs the tooth and surrounding areas and prepares the tooth for the filling. Preparation involves removing all decayed parts of the tooth, cleaning the debris, and disinfecting the tooth to discourage harmful bacteria.
  • Finally, the dentist places the filling material. Composite resin material has a gel-like consistency and requires curing. The material is applied in layers, with the dentist allowing time for each layer to harden. After completing the multilayering process, the dentist polishes the tooth for a natural look.

For significantly larger cavities, our dentists near you may recommend indirect fillings or onlays and inlays. These are made in a lab and then bonded to a damaged tooth.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing.
  • They require less tooth drilling.
  • Indirect composite fillings (inlays and onlays) are chemically bonded to the tooth, strengthening the tooth structure.
  • Composite fillings have a significantly lower chance of causing tooth sensitivity.
  • Unlike silver fillings, composite fillings don’t cause discoloration.

Tooth decay is a prevalent problem affecting millions of children. If your child is battling cavities, tooth fillings are an ideal treatment solution. Reach out to ToothTown of Greeley if you’re looking to restore your child’s teeth using composite fillings in Greeley, CO.

Our pediatric dentistry office in Greeley, CO proudly serves the infants, kids, and teens from our community and nearby areas

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